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How To Paint Miniatures  

Miniatures Painting Techniques

Step by Step Painting Tutorial - Get Started by Mastering the Basics of Miniature Painting

Select a Color Scheme - Choose Colors that Look Great Together

Preping and Priming - Get Your Miniature Ready to Paint
Washing - Create Deep Shadows
Drybrushing - Realistic Highlights
Blending - Smooth Color Transitions
Faces - Paint realistic eyes and facial features
Armor - Make it shine

Advanced Miniature Painting & Modeling Tutorials

Basing - LIfelike Groundwork
Flags - Creative Battle Standards

Getting Started

Necessary Equipment - What You Need to Start
Paint Mixing Guide - Produce a rainbow of colors from just a few
Materials Cost Guide - Don't pay a dime more than you have to

What's NEW?

Article: How to Use Miniatures to Spice Up Your Roleplaying Game

Learn how using minis in your D&D or other roleplaying game adds exitement and realism to your adventures

New Feature - Cardstock Miniatures In Minutes

spider guy

You can have this miniature for free... well, almost.

Get Your Free Cardstock Miniature Download

Let's get Painting!

Recent Projects

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Home Crafted Sculpting Toolsminiature sculpting tool

Dragonborn Conversion
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Wet Blending How-To
wet palette blending howto


How To Remove Super Glue (Cyanoacrylate) from Your Hands (or other things)


How To Remove Old Paint With Safe, Environmentally-Friendly Cleaners


Create Custom Oak Bases for Under 25 Cents Each

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